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Post by Mushy on Thu 18 Jun 2009, 21:20

Name : Sam Doel - mushy
Age (Over 18's Only): now i am 16 years old but u will soon find out a very very mature plymouthian 16 yr old.
Location: The sunny part of england - Plymouth
Games Played: BF2 / COD 4 / COD 5 / SWAT 4

Now i am ok to pay the small fee to help with the server and teamspeak ect...

Ok small bio - I am a 16 year old plymouth lad who has been gaming in and out of online communities (clans) for around 4 or 5 years. i got into gaming through my uncle and my cousins who are the CEO of DIVAS clan.
I am on most nights and will always be up for a battle when ever i am needed.
I use MSN SKYPE and teamspeak for communication and always around to answer any questions

thanks and i will see you on the server
Mush cheers


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