Reporting Of Cheats !!

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Reporting Of Cheats !!

Post by -=M.O.B=-SpecialNeeds on Wed 11 Apr 2012, 21:23

Tonight I have sent a messgae to Steam and will await the reply -

Hello, right lets get straight to the point here, I have been playing MW2 and MW3 for some time now, I and my clan have on many occasions reported cheats and wall hacking to yourselves. But to no avail have you banned most of the players? How about you take a BIG BITE OF THE BULLET and for once forget about your complete and utter greedyness and ban peoples IP addresses instead of there steam account. It is so easy to obtain a hacked steam acount after being banned and be able to carry on gaming from the same address (IP address). This would make sure cheats cannot not carry on gaming after there ban. Also what would be a great idea is to publish a list of banned accounts/user names and REAL NAMES so clans/friends etc could actually see who is cheating. Regards Andy (-=M.O.B=-)

Lets see if they take any notice at all !!!!


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