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Post by -=M.O.B=-Green Machine on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 21:18

Trying to Register Teamspeak 2, so i can add it this forum!!
But need to find the TCP query port. Without it, it will not show up and cannot be registered!!
The query port can be found in the .ini file
(Default TCP query port is 51234 for TS2 and 10011 for TS3. If you have access to the server.ini file you can find this port there (only TS2). If you dont know the port and the server is rent try first default port. If it dont work ask the renting company, do a port scan (illegal in some countries) and/or try the Query Port Finder (only TS2) here on the site. Some companies block this port but that happens rare. There is more information about this TCP Query Port at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).)

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-=M.O.B=-Green Machine
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