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New Zombie Mod

Post by -=M.O.B=-Green Machine on Mon 05 Apr 2010, 10:41

CoD4 Mod: Reign of the undead

download link:

or go to I.P. and download as normal in CoD4

This is a good looking Zombie mod with realistic looking zombies with lots of different skins. Only beta at the moment and in survival mode but can only get better.

Worth a look.

"Finally its there, the cooperative mod from 2010 for Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare, the Reign of the Undead
With up to +20 people against waves of blood thirsty realistic zombies.
Team up in this challenging game to survive as long as possible.
Find your destined class and use the ability to help your friends as medic, engineer or as a regular soldier.
You can also grab your chainsaw or pin a zombie down with a crossbow".

Overal features:
Beta 1.0

6 primary classes , as engineer, medic and soldier.
8 secondary classes.
Unique realistic zombie walking animations
Ability to play up with 20+ friends
Upgradable weapons, different for each primary class.
Unique abilities for each class like healing/extra weapons/more speed.
Wave-based zombie system for survival gametype.
Unique special ability (needs to be actived) for each primary class, like invisibility/fast reload + double tap/area healing.
Revive your friends when they are down
Flashlight for the dark moments
Thirdperson view
Ranking system, new ranks unlock new secondary classes .
Ammo supply system.
Chainsaw and crossbow
Admin menu
Up to 140 ranks!

-=M.O.B=-Green Machine
-=M.O.B=-Green Machine

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